Chemicals. You can’t get away from them!

His position is so well stated. Awesome post!

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I thought I would follow up on my Monsanto post of January 14, 2015. It was by far my most controversial post, and a few people decided to unfollow me because of it. One even said in a comment, “I’m saddened and stunned that you have bought into their [Montanto’s] propaganda, so I will take a break from following your blog for awhile.” If I were vindictive, I would have taken a break from following his blog!

If you missed my first Monsanto post, see it here: I’m going with Monsanto on this one, for the moment.

Today’s post was inspired by a conversation with a grade-school friend about the complete and total Blue Bell Ice Cream recall due to listeria contamination. The CEO and President of Blue Bell, Paul Kruse, is an old Texas A&M colleague and Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity Brother. I haven’t spoken to him…

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