Carlette Norwood, On-Air Personality

Wearing many hats as an entrepreneur, author, college professor and consultant, Carlette Norwood holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Relations and a Master of Science in Administration degree with a concentration in Organizational Development, both earned from Trinity University in Washington, D.C. By day, she teaches Sociology at a local college and by night, she broadcasts her unique style of talk show on BLIS.fm

When she went to college the first time in 1981, Carlette had aspirations to become a Hollywood film producer. She also worked as the “drive time” DJ at the campus’ FM radio station. A college professor told her she would never make it in the film industry because she has two “strikes” against her; she is black and a female. Now, many years later, Carlette’s life comes full circle as she hosts her own live radio program and works with several producers, directors and actors in the entertainment industry.

Creating and launching Lette’s Chat in March, 2012, Carlette has had unbelievable success with securing provocative guests for her show and increasing her listening audience twenty-fold in a very short amount of time.

A true net-worker by nature, Carlette’s area of expertise lies in her conversational yet professional style and the personal interest she takes in each and every one of her listeners and guests. Whether she is interviewing a celebrity or the boy/girl next door, each guest walks away feeling as though have made a friend for life!


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