Lette’s Chat – ON THE AIR

Lette’s Chat is Real Talk with Real People
Airs on Mixlr.com – Weds/Thurs at 8pm/ET
Lette’s Chat is on Mixlr 

Carlette Norwood brings live FM radio, public speaking and previous Internet radio experience to Lette’s Chat. Launching Lette’s Chat less than 2 years ago, Carlette has become a seasoned interviewer, attracting independent and mainstream artists to her show.

Carlette likes to dig in deep to get the nitty gritty details of everyday life by interviewing every day people. The main purpose of Lette’s Chat is shine the spotlight on “normal” people making a difference in other people’s lives. Independent artists, including actors, directors, film makers, artists, musicians, craftspeople etc… will always be welcomed and spotlighted on Lette’s Chat. These are the true warriors – people who believe in themselves, their talent and their dream strong enough to fight the odds, keep themselves motivated and who keep reinventing themselves through advancements in technology. These are people who live their dreams without a big Hollywood budgets, who repeatedly get rejected by naysayers and doom raiders. They keep their chins up and backs straight as they walk through the fires of self-discovery and bravely bring their experiences for all the world to see. Celebrate them!


You will find all of this and MORE on each and every episode of Lette’s Chat!

  • Interviews with people, both celebrities and unknowns, who have “real” stories to tell. I don’t go for A-listers but rather prefer to dig for the diamonds in the rough. I enjoy meeting people who are still climbing the ladder, rung by rung, or the person you recognize from several movies but never knew his/her name. People who you feel better after having heard their story!
  • Discussion of topics that will make other talk-show hosts cringe.
  • People having positive impacts on our communities
  • Diverse audiences and guests
  • An occasional surprise or two, contests and giveaways

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