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Going for the Gold

Life can be rough. Really tough.

We are bombarded, daily, with the normal struggles in life like rent, food, water/electric/cable/phone bills but with news of impending doom thrown in our faces everyday, things can seem and often times ARE exacerbated because of it. With talk about the U.S. potentially going into war with ISIS, terrorist attacks, the threat of an Ebola pandemic and global warming, it can all be so overwhelming.

If, in the face of all that, we’re also educated yet unemployed or underemployed, divorced, homeless, separated, trapped in a relationship or in search of a meaningful one, then your self confidence, feelings of self worth, self esteem, drive, ambition and motivation can take a real tough beating. Sometimes it’s hard to wake up in the morning without wondering if life is worth it.

Yes, it is.

A recent conversation with someone very close to me moved me to my very core. He said, “Never give up. You only fail when you stop trying.”

Simple, right? Not so much. But those words are SO very powerful.

Every thing you do, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, will get you closer to your goal. If you STOP, then obviously, you will never get there. Every inch, every milestone, every movement or advancement counts. Belief in yourself and anything you do toward your goal is what will get you there – no matter how small it may seem – it IS working.

The person who spoke those words to me has seen so much adversity in his life and suffered tremendous losses … losses that would make a lot of people quit, give up, sink into a bottomless pit of depression, sadness and despair where giving up would seem the safest, easiest alternative.

But quitting is not, nor will it ever be, an option.

Whatever your goal, your dream or your vision for your life is, you MUST keep trying to reach it. If one way doesn’t work, then take a step back, regroup and attack it again. It’s okay to take a breather…figure things out…even get a little down – the key is to not stay there!

For some of us, life comes around full circle. Some of the opportunities we didn’t take advantage of previously, fortunately come back around. Seize the opportunity to make a difference this time. Believe in yourself and what you want for your life.

You have two choices. You can either spend your life dreaming for things or you can spend your life striving to make those dreams come true. Either way, life is going on, moving forward, not yielding to time. What’s it going to be?

Stay focused on the goal. Keep trying and never give up.


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Taking back an “Ex” – Yea or Nay?

Tonight at 9pm, Sherry Andrea and I talk about “Taking Back Your Ex – Moving Backward or Forward?” At one time or another, many of us have been faced with rekindling an old romance or moving forward and never looking back. Which would you do? Can a leopard change its spots? Tune in http://www.mixlr.com/lettes-chat. Call in 301-710-6606

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Justice has been served. Jones locked up for four years!

Karl Jones has been the subject of this blog several times. I have one last update and then I truly feel like I will be able to move on from this issue. I feel relieved, I feel vindicated, I feel justified.

As a mother and as someone who once knew Karl Jones, I’m delighted that the UK is a little safer tonight.

Read about his sentence here.


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Rest in Peace, Robin Williams

Like most of the world, I am grieving the loss of comedic/actor genius Robin Williams. He was known to have severe depression – a topic that hits close to home for millions and millions of people.

His suicide alone may spark a bout of depression in many people!

Join us on Lette’s Chat – Wednesday, August 13th at 8pm/ET – when we’ll talk about depression, suicide and the late, great, Robin Williams.

http://mixlr.com/lettes-chat/  and promote hash tag:  #DepressionIsReal


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Karl Jones – The Pedophile in Our Midst

If you are a regular listener/follower of Lette’s Chat, you have heard the two shows I produced with guest host Bryden Lloyd. We shared our agonizing story of a time we were in a writer’s group together – a tight-knit group of just 8 of us – with a pedophile. Unbeknownst to us, we befriended, accepted, respected and even loved the vilest creature on earth; a man who harms children. But because there was still pending litigation, we never said his name by the off chance he was innocent.

It devastated us when it happened. He had THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of images of young children seized from his computer by the police and when questioned, his fiancee’s young FIVE YEAR OLD daughter finally came forward and told what he’d done to her.

Charges didn’t stick.

But now…? NOW….he’s confessed. Yes. He has admitted to the horrible things that have been charged against him and the atrocity he committed against that poor girl.

There is no more doubt, there is no more ‘innocent till proven guilty’. So now, for the first time ever, we EXPOSE him completely.

Read about this monster and if you own his work, we beg you to destroy it. Just like he did to their lives.

This is OUR story. I was one of the ones he fooled and betrayed. I’ve done TWO shows about this monster with Bryden Lloyd and even today I still can’t stop shaking every time I relive that time. He shook us to our core, rattled and devastated us. Innocent till proven guilty? Well, he’s confessed to his sins. May he rot in a jail cell for the rest of his life.

Read Bryden’s story HERE

Listen to our show HERE

Read “Her” story with the pedophile HERE 

Newspaper article HERE

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Creative Women and the Men Who DON’T Support Them

I went through it myself and I have run across many women who have also.

I was married to a man who didn’t support anything I did.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I want to be free and independent, not punch a clock or report day in/day out to a 9-5 job. I understand the importance of having a job – I’ve worked many of them, career jobs, and climbed the corporate ladder. But even then, I was always trying something “on the side”. I’ve sold life insurance, beauty products and even wine through various multi-level marketing schemes. (ugh, that’s a whole other blog right there -_- ). I’ve owned a gift basket business, a romance package business and an editing services business, all registered, legit businesses. I even opened my own coffee shop/lite fare/internet cafe/book shop called Java Scripts Coffee House and Book Store and published my first full length novel, The Broken Sword. 

I’ve spent countless….omg…COUNTLESS hours on the Internet writing with online groups to hone my skills, marketing myself, my work… I’ve read every blog, joined every list, networked with other writers…anything I could think of to help promote me, my product, services or business…whatever I had going on at the time.

In return, what I got from the one person who was *supposed* to walk through fire with me, swing with me – back to back, support me through my endeavors, and sing my praises – was grumblings about spending too much time on the computer with my “fake” friends and always “dreaming up something instead of getting a *real* job”. The thing was, I was working frantically to make something POP because I COULDN’T get a real job despite my best efforts! When I launched my radio show, Lette’s Chat, the first question I was asked was if I was getting paid for it.

No support. No emotion. No…nothing.

While writing The Broken Sword, I repeatedly asked him to read my pages, give me feedback, was I on point, did the story make sense, would the readers get it, were there plot holes…?

No support. No emotion. No…nothing.

It wasn’t until I got my first royalty check did he read The Broken Sword and MUCH to his shock, he actually enjoyed it. By then I could not have cared less. It wasn’t until I landed my first remote interview with local Tony Perkins (Fox5 news anchor and local icon) did he accompany down to the station…of course, to enjoy the spotlight because he was a big fan – NOT to support me.

Men often say they want a strong, independent woman but I’m not really sure they know what that means or what it entails because what most strong, independent women want is a man who will support them. Not just financially, but also emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

I know an actor/producer who has been on my show and we have kept in touch. His name is Mark Gantt (haha, he told me I could say his name!) I frequently see his posts on my Facebook news feed. He is a recent newlywed but he and his wife, Brianne, have been together for, what I gather, quite a while. One thing that impresses me the most beyond his talent, beyond his accomplishments, beyond his kindness and charm, is his RAW, UNBRIDLED, OPEN support of his wife. Let me make this clear. This man PROMOTES her WORK, he gives her accolades on HIS page and he professes his love for her and her WORK with the most genuine appeal.  I don’t even hear his voice, yet I can clearly FEEL how he feels about his wife, her work, her dreams, goals and ambitions.

That’s awesome. It’s also a man who is secure in his OWN rite. He can promote his wife without FEAR of her getting more of the spotlight than he does.


That’s what it all boils down to doesn’t it?

Men don’t support women in her endeavors as an effort to keep her “down” so that she doesn’t outshine him, right? Come on now, be honest…right?

As usual, I wrote this blog to exorcise some of my own demons but usually when I do this it’s because someone else needs it too. Like I said, I know plenty of women who have commiserated with me on this issue.

So, what do we do?

I offer my same, repetitive advice. Outside of deciding if you want to stay with someone who does not support you or give less than a flying … er, fig.., about what you do (I decided I didn’t want to, but that’s ME), or someone who doesn’t understand why you MUST market yourself on social media almost 24 hours a day, or who is a control freak, or who doesn’t understand that your Internet friends are some of the best people in the world and do FAR more for you than your … “real life”…friends and family, then I would tell you to continue to surround yourself with like minded people who love the same things you love, have the same goals you have and who have the same ambitions that you do and who travel in the circles where you WANT TO BE.

I once heard a motivation speaker say this: “Don’t travel in your same circles because that’s just what they are…a circle, going round and round. Always aim for a higher level…where you want to be…so that you constantly work to get there.”

Of course, I paraphrased that because I can’t remember *exactly* what he said, but you get the point, right?

I wish all men could support their women like Mark does. I think if they did, there would be even MORE successful women. I know women who have given up their dreams due to lack of support from their spouse/(in)significant other.

Don’t do it. Don’t quit. You’ll HATE yourself for it. If you’re depressed now, you’ll be even more if you quit.

Keep writing, keep knitting, keep making jewelry, keep marketing, keep pod-casting, keep producing whatever it is that you do.  Get RID OF toxic relationships and bask yourself in the light of others who will bask in yours, support you, elevate you and love you.

It IS worth it.

YOU are worth it!

They ARE out there. THANK YOU to the men in my life who support my efforts: Paul Sampson, Bleedingcritic, Kinte Ferguson, Scott Kos, Ranjeet Marwa, Crash Palace, Joe Wilson (and Mike Cat), H, Giovanni Russano, Keone Reed, Greg Maye and Bryden Lloyd. 


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